Aughnagun Drought Mitigation

The prolonged drought conditions of summer 2018 necessitated rapid mobilisation works to facilitate treated water supply to the Aughnagun Command Reservoir in South Down. Working on collaboration with the NI Water Project Management and Newry Networks Teams Nuline Utilities worked around the clock to deliver the bulk water transfer, pressure, flow and inlet control system upgrades adapting the existing supply infrastructure to the Mayobridge facility.

Summer 2018 will be remembered as the driest summer in Northern Ireland in over 40 years, which combined with a low rainfall winter put the water supply network under significant delivery strain. This necessitated a country wide hosepipe ban and behind the scenes a concerted effort from NI Water and it’s supply partners in maximising efficiency of it’s network to ensure the risk of disruption to supply was kept to an absolute minimum. One such effort was the rationalisation of the supply system in South Down to transfer treated water from Lough Neagh to the Mournes to supplement the existing regime. A key component of which was utilisation of the command reservoir at Aughnagun to receive the water via the Carnbane Trunk Main and supplement the local network in Mayobridge, Rostrevor and Warrenpoint.

As a Framework Suppliers to NI Water, network consultant, WSP and works contractor Nuline Utilities, were appointed to work in collaboration with NI Water to deliver rapid alteration works to the network to facilitate the works. Works included deployment of a temporary pump at Goss’ Field outside Mayobridge to boost pressure and flow in the 450mm trunk main to Aughnagun. The pump deployed, a Premier Pumps 150CX was capable of delivering 16 MLD at 160m head procured from England through Xylem Pumps and was the largest temporary pump ever deployed by NI Water. Additional works included the isolation of the Break Pressure Tank at Aughnagun, the alteration of the supply pipework to include 300mm Low Torque Hawle Valves, Cla-Val Pressure Reducing and Pressure Relief Valves, Air Valves, Float Valve, Chambers, Reinstatment and Landscape Works.