LCC/NIE Dufferin Road Substation, Belfast Harbour – Belfast Harbour Commissioners

In 2018 Nuline Utilities were appointed by Belfast Harbour Commissioners to provide civil engineering upgrade works to the new sub-station at the Lissan Coal Company (LCC) Plant on Sinclair Road which included provision of 38kV infrastructure from the existing substations on Dufferin Road and McCaughey’s Road within the Belfast Harbour Estate.

Works were concentrated in the main Dufferin Quay are within the Belfast Harbour Estate and included civil engineering, road construction, concrete works, traffic management, traffic calming works associated with the new electricity substation. The site spanned a length of 1150m of quayside which formed the main access route to the Cruise Liner Terminal and included key businesses including the Harbour Police, the Harbour Commissioners Dept., Precision Liquids, United Molasses, Whitemountain at Barnett Dock and the Lissan Coal Company.

Nuline Utilities Engineers working in close collaboration with the Harbour Commissioners Engineering Team delivered the works in an accelerated programme with extensive shift working over the summer in advance of the commissioning deadline in September 2018.